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This members-only library serves as a hub for resources developed by Society of Family Planning members.
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Abortion Care for EM 7.26.22
Abortion Care for EM 7.26.22
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D&E instrument webinar
This library serves as a hub for independently-developed resources submitted by Society of Family Planning members. These materials are intended to supplement resources found on and Society Education, and may be adapted or replicated based on your need.

We encourage you to credit the original author if applicable.  
Society of Family Planning members are experts in the field of abortion and contraception care and lead the way in the development of innovative and practical clinical and research resources.

In order to leverage this expertise, we created this resource-sharing library. We encourage you to share resources that would be helpful for abortion and contraception care and are not already found on or Society Education; are in alignment with the Society's mission, vision, and values; and for which you have permission to share. We greatly appreciate any resources you are willing to share. 

When uploading your resource, you will be asked to complete a self-assessment form, stating that your resources are aligned with the Society's clinical guidance. If you indicate misalignment or uncertainty regarding alignment with clinical guidelines, the resource will undergo further review.

All resources will be reviewed by Society staff prior to being published to Society Education.

We ask that you upload resources pertaining to one topic at a time. 
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