Belly of the Beast
Bleeding risk assessment and treatment with dilation and evacuation procedures
Early pregnancy assessment clinics- let’s standardize algorithms, combine with family planning, and overcome disparities
Hormonal contraception and breastfeeding: Implementing best practices for postpartum contraception
It is coming from inside the house: How stigma within pro-choice spaces affects later abortion care seekers
No-test telemedicine abortion during the COVID-19 pandemic – Ethics, experience, and future direction
Society of Family Planning Clinical Practice Recommendations: 2020 update
Spotlight on science
The launch of #WeCount, A Society-led national abortion reporting effort
Modeling and mitigating in a post-SCOTUS decision abortion landscape
New efforts to capture health and economic outcomes in the post-SCOTUS decision period
What evidence from Texas can (and cannot) teach us
Evidence relevant to the post-SCOTUS decision landscape
Legal resources for the family planning community
Billing and coding: How to get paid for the work you do
Clinician perspectives on self-managed abortion
Source for Science
How long is long-acting? Understanding new guidance on extended use of LARC
Abortion is essential healthcare
In their hands: Advancing self-administration of DMPA
The cash package
Clinical recommendations for contraception and abortion care of patients who use substances
Closing the floodgates: Hemorrhage in second trimester abortion
Combined hormonal contraception 101: Back to basics
Detection of follicle growth and ovulation during use of contraceptive hormones
Endocrinology and family planning
Patient-centered support for contraceptive decision-making
Ultrasound in abortion care
Collaboration between university researchers and industry
Demography research
Developing research infrastructure
Educational scholarship bootcamp
Incoming fellows research webinar
Introduction to mixed methods in family planning research and scholarship
What's in the pipeline? The future of contraception
Incorporating simulation into family planning training
Presentations with punch: Creating a talk as good as your topic
Misoprostol alone for medication abortion: A safe and effective option
#WeCount briefing session: What we are learning six months post-Dobbs
Community-generated resource library
Complex Family Planning online self-assessment
Power up your strategies for change
Coding 101 for the family planner: How to get credit for the work you do
Career development series
Institutional advocacy: Engaging your legal counsel and other leadership
Setting and maintaining professional boundaries
Clinical guidance slide decks
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