Belly of the Beast
Bleeding risk assessment and treatment with dilation and evacuation procedures
Early pregnancy assessment clinics- let’s standardize algorithms, combine with family planning, and overcome disparities
Hormonal contraception and breastfeeding: Implementing best practices for postpartum contraception
It is coming from inside the house: How stigma within pro-choice spaces affects later abortion care seekers
No-test telemedicine abortion during the COVID-19 pandemic – Ethics, experience, and future direction
Society of Family Planning Clinical Practice Recommendations: 2020 update
Spotlight on science
The launch of #WeCount, A Society-led national abortion reporting effort
Modeling and mitigating in a post-SCOTUS decision abortion landscape
New efforts to capture health and economic outcomes in the post-SCOTUS decision period
What evidence from Texas can (and cannot) teach us
Evidence relevant to the post-SCOTUS decision landscape
Legal resources for the family planning community
Billing and coding: How to get paid for the work you do
Clinician perspectives on self-managed abortion
Source for Science
Capturing tradeoffs in abortion care using preference assessment methods informational
How long is long-acting? Understanding new guidance on extended use of LARC
Abortion is essential healthcare
In their hands: Advancing self-administration of DMPA
The cash package
Clinical recommendations for contraception and abortion care of patients who use substances
Misoprostol alone for medication abortion: A safe and effective option
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